Dedicated to inspiring young people to express themselves through writing and performing, Children’s Voices Theatre transforms poems and stories written by K-6 students into a magical theatrical experience that combines acting, mime, comedy, masks, puppetry, juggling, and audience participation.

Children’s Voices Theatre co-founders Marv Klassen-Landis and Michael Zerphy offer school performances, including Children's Voices and Who Am I, a family show called Ketchup, Riddles, and Wacky Monkeys, and writing and theatre workshops and residencies.

“It was intriguing and so much fun to see the kids get so excited to rush off and write their own poems and stories after seeing other kids’ writing come to life on stage.”
—Sabrina Brown, Executive Director, Pentangle Council on the Arts, Woodstock, Vermont

Funding support for Children’s Voices Theatre programs in New England is available through the Vermont Arts Council and the New England Foundation for the Arts.